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We provide service in following areas:


-    We emty waste and sewer tanks. Also if you have sewer pipe stuck..
-    Waste tank alarms to help prevent unexpect tank fullyness.
-    Gravel, sand, crushed stone delivered to customer (near Rautjärvi)
-    We also lease empty truck cart/platforms
Firewood delivered to customer or pick up from our factory
-    Clean water delivered with tank truck
-    Fire wood with delivery
-    Pipes and waiste systems seller

Information for the customers:
Due to our large tank in our truck, we hope that you clear the
driveway from trees and bushes up to 4 meters. Thank you.
More info about waste tank emptying service:
CLICK HERE (pdf file)
Puhdistushuolto J Terävä Ky

Phone:        +358400 250 015
+3585 4772 693

Service in english:
                    +35840 8331 664
   You can also send SMS message

Silamustie 201
Email:     a s e m a (written together)


Puhdistushuolto Juha Terävä Ky - +358400 250 015
-Link to:  Karjalan Betoni Oy